Med Contour

The new, safe and effective body contouring system.Med Contour is a powerful ultrasound system for body contouring and the reduction of fat and cellulite.

Med Contour is a computerised system that uses ultrasound waves to reduce the panniculus adiposus (fatty layers) as well as cellulite in the human body. Excellent results can be obtained with this instrument in a non-invasive and fairly painless way.

Med Contour emits a powerful double beam of low frequency modulated ultrasound waves (20 – 60 kHz), thus providing extraordinary effectiveness and total safety. The cavitational effect of this ultrasonic emission breaks the adipose cells, starting a metabolic process that leads to the body’s natural elimination of the fat waste.Med Contour includes a separate handpiece for performing an immediate lymphatic drainage of the treated area in order to accelerate the removal of residue through the lymphatic system. The result is a significant reduction in the fat mass and the fatty layers of cellulite thus giving the treated areas a more toned and smooth look.

By creating the cavitation phenomenon with this delivery method, the machine is up to 50 times more powerful at its deepest setting than its closest competitors!

Cross beam emission for a more effective, targeted treatment.

Med Contour has a patented dual emitting ultrasound system with crossing beams oriented at 135° that can direct the energy onto surfaces as parallel as possible to the muscles. By means of a vacuum generator, the handpiece initially takes a portion of tissue and then irradiates the two lateral walls, directing as much of the action of the ultrasounds as possible towards the fat masses. This is all done in an automatic and fairly painless way.

The Med Contour Benefits:

  • easy weightloss
  • immediate results
  • long lasting results
  • fat reduction
  • visibly improved cellulite
  • comfortable
  • affordable
  • effortless treatment
  • no surgery
  • no anesthesia
  • no downtime
  • no painful injections
  • non-invasive
  • short treatment times

The benefits of Med Contour go beyond the visual results. A significant improvement in the circulatory and lymphatic systems as well as an increase in skin tone and tightening as a result of these treatments has been documented by studies and clinics.