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Med Contour

Med Contour is a computerised system that uses ultrasound waves to reduce the panniculus adiposus (fatty layers) as well as cellulite in the human body. Excellent results can be obtained with this instrument in a non-invasive and fairly painless way.
Med Contour emits a powerful double beam of low frequency modulated ultrasound waves (20 – 60 kHz), thus providing extraordinary effectiveness and total safety. The cavitational effect of this ultrasonic emission breaks the adipose cells, starting a metabolic process that leads to the body’s natural elimination of the fat waste   frauen_vorher_nachher

Med Contour includes a separate handpiece for performing an immediate lymphatic drainage of the treated area in order to accelerate the removal of residue through the lymphatic system. The result is a significant reduction in the fat mass and the fatty layers of cellulite thus giving the treated areas a more toned and smooth look.